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Conveying the scale and size of internal spaces within the built environment is seldom achieved using converntional photography. Our Panospace® technology allows us to capture the scale of an architectural interior with an image that envelopes the viewer.

This creates a far more accurate impression of the effect created by the size and structure of the built form.

Here are some images of the Walsh Bay development in Sydney.

Here are some internal examples of the Parramatta Police Building.

Our Panospace® technology also allows us to create images that cannot be captured any other way.

Here is an example.

The Aurora building in Sydney is a superlative example of the work of Renzo Piano, the internationally acclaimed architect. The Aurora building is normally photographed from the North, where there is a clear view of the building.

However this view does not show the mast and 20 storey glass sail that is a feature of this building. The northern view also looks down on the building, thereby minimising the imposing size of this amazing structure.

The obvious solution is photograph the building from somewhere downhill (like Circular Quay for those who know Sydney)

However, all clear views uphill to the Aurora building are obscured by all the other tall buildings overlooking Sydney Harbour.

Using Panospace® techniques we were able to capture one vertical half of the building from one side of the street to produce a single vertical panoramic image. Repeating the process from the other side of the street gave us the other half of the building.

Combining these two images resulted in the Aurora building in all it's splendour, Mast, Glass Sail and all.

Sydney's beautiful autumn sunset also helped.

The final printed image was 600mm wide by 2100mm tall.








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